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Showcase Theater - from the seats. Follow the link to see more photos (Javascript required to view the image gallery)

The Showcase Theater seats 315, has a 40-foot proscenium, and is equipped with theatrical lighting, dimming and studio quality sound system. A light and sound control booth.

When the Showcase Theater isn't being used as a theater, it's a meeting room. Many Marin businesses and organizations schedule meetings and conferences. No seat is more than 45 feet from the stage.

Scheduling Procedures


In order to hold a specific date(s), producers are required to submit a completed Rental Application and deposit.

Producers will be sent a Rental Application; this application should be completed and returned with the rental deposit within ten (10) days. If the completed application and deposit are not received within ten (10) days at the Marin Center office, the dates will be released without notice.

There is a non-refundable deposit of $250 per day for the Showcase Theater.

The Director may require additional deposit monies when extraordinary janitorial services or damages to the facility are a possibility. The Director may deny the scheduling of events when, in her opinion, the event may have the potential to cause cancellation of other events due to excessive cleaning or repair time.

License Agreement

A License Agreement, which the producer signs prior to their event, authorizes use of the Marin Center facilities.

Unless booked on short notice, license agreements are ordinarily sent ninety (90) days before the event date. License agreements and base rental payments are returned within ten (10) days after receipt of the agreement. If not returned by that date, the event is subject to cancellation without notice. Additional expenses (equipment rental, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees I.A.T.S.E. stagehands rates, Marin Center Box Office, ushers, labor and clean-up fees, etc.) are deducted at the time of Box Office settlement, or billed to the user following the event.

The Director reserves the right to require the base rental payment and all expense monies from a producer:

  • New, first-time users of the Marin Center facilities may be required to pay all expense monies (box office, stagehand, ushers, etc.) at the time of receipt of the License Agreement.
  • If sufficient monies are not held by the Marin Center Box Office to pay all expense monies (box office, stagehands, ushers, etc.) fifteen (15) business days prior to the event date for ticketed events, producer will be required to pay all expense monies prior to the event date.

Fee Schedule

  • Facility Rental

    Rent includes stage, house curtains, theatrical lighting, intercom, sound system & microphones, chairs, lectern, slide projector - screen, 16mm projector & screen and ushering staff.

    Time Period: 8am - 5pm or 5pm - 12 midnight, 7am - 1am when rented with Exhibit Hall.

    Rental Description Fee
    Performance Dressing rooms available for performing arts events. Includes set-up, rehearsal or takedown on day of performance. $660
    Rehearsal No audience; set-up and takedown other than on day of performance $425
    Multiple Performances Per performance: Same production on same day, or subsequent days. $550
    Marley Floor Per Event $55
    Sound System Per Event $52
    Monitor Per Event $12
    Microphone Per Event $6
    Overtime charge Per one half (1/2)-hour beyond contracted time period or fraction thereof.


  • Marin Center Box Office - (415) 473-6800

    Fees do not include ticket printing or bankcard discount charges. See Box Office Services Information for more details.

    Description Fee
    Reserved seating or general admission seating with advance sales, per performance $212
    General Admission seating with no advance sales, per performance $212


Need Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Endorsement naming County of Marin, its officers, employees, and agents as additional insured.

  • Comprehensive General Liability: $1,000,000
  • Property Damage: $100,000


See I.A.T.S.E. Stagehand Rates for more information.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Dick Daley, Event / Rental Manager at (415) 473-5034 or