What Helps Me — Youth Art Campaign and Youth Mental Health Summit

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Dear Community Partners,

This past year has been a roller-coaster of emotions for all of us. Now, more than ever, mental health for youth needs to be a priority. Our community has been impacted by suicide and mental health issues. But we can reverse this ripple effect!  Please share the opportunities below.

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) Intern Team and Mental Health Subcommittee of the Marin County Youth Commission (MCYC) want to invite Marin youth to celebrate May Mental Month by participating in two events.

What Helps Me Art Campaign

Starting on April 1st, the BOS Intern Team will be hosting the What Helps Me Art Campaign for youth in Marin – we’re inviting you to tell your story of emotions and mental health through art. You can create a drawing, painting, poem, dance, sculpture, music, video, or any other art form that helps you express your message and feelings. Pick one (or more) of the following prompts to inspire your art.

  1. What helps me with ___ (ex: anxiety, stress, anger, etc.)
  2. What gives me ___ (ex: joy, strength, hope, inspiration, etc.)
  3. What works for me?
  4. What am I thankful for?
  5. How does it feel/look like when you are struggling?
  6. What keeps me grounded during stressful times?

Submit your art here from April 1 to May 15 to be showcased during May Mental Health Month on social media as well as County websites. Importantly, you will be promoting the importance of mental health among youth in Marin and helping to start important discussions in our community. Note that art will be submitted anonymously, so no names will be shown with art when showcased.

Youth Mental Health Summit

The Marin County Youth Commission’s Mental Health Subcommittee is inviting you to the  Second Youth Mental Health Summit on May 1st & 2nd from 10 am-12 pm via zoom. We are hosting this summit for 50 young people (8th-12th grade) from all over the county to attend. Please see our flyer for more information.

During these two interactive and youth-led sessions, participants will learn about demystifying mental health, suicide prevention, and how to support themselves and their peers with mental health struggles. We will also be sharing many resources to empower youth. We will have guest speakers and FREE goodie bags! Translation services in Spanish will be provided. In the spirit of equity we will be choosing students from different schools, race, ethnicities, backgrounds and gender identities. All are welcome but space is limited. Applications due April 19th. Participants will be notified by April 22nd if they are accepted. Fill out this form to apply.

For any questions about the Youth Mental Health Summit, please reach out to Samantha Ramirez, Youth Commission Coordinator (sramirez@yli.org) and for questions about the art campaign please reach out to Nancy Vernon. Contact Sam or Nancy for a short presentation about these events to your organization, school, or group.

In Community and With Love,

Marin County Youth Commission and BOS Intern Team

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, please contact:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
Lifeline Crisis Chat (available 24/7)
Need help now? Text "START" to 741-741
BHRS Access Line: (888) 818-1115

All are available 24/7.