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The Green Business Standards presented below define what a business or public agency must achieve to be certified “green.”

Compliance Plus

To be a green business, first bring your operations into compliance with all environmental regulations. Then go beyond compliance to meet the general practices and targeted resource conservation and pollution prevention measures which are summarized below.

General Practices

  1. Monitor and record rates of water and energy usage and solid and hazardous waste generation.
  2. Provide three on-going incentives or training opportunities to encourage management and employee participation.
  3. Inform your customers about your business' efforts to meet the Green Business Standards.
  4. Assist at least one other business in learning about the Green Business Program and encourage them to enroll.

Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention

Water Conservation

  1. Conduct an indoor/outdoor water balance or assessment.
  2. Implement all applicable simple conservation measures. &
  3. Implement 3 of the suggested or industry specific water conservation measures.

Solid Waste Reduction & Recycling

  1. Conduct a waste reduction assessment of solid waste streams. &
  2. Implement solid waste reduction and recycling measures:
    • Reduce paper waste in 5 different ways.
    • Incorporate waste reduction methods into your business in 5 ways.
    • Segregate and recycle or reuse 5 types of materials from your solid waste streams.
    • Purchase 3 recycled or used materials/products for your business.

Energy Conservation

  1. Have your local energy utility or an energy service company conduct a commercial energy assessment.
  2. Perform regular maintenance on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. &
  3. Implement 2 alternative technologies and 5 behavioral changes.

Pollution Prevention

  1. Conduct an assessment of your facility to identify pollution prevention opportunities.
  2. Implement pollution prevention measures:
    • Implement 6 good housekeeping and operating practices.
    • Implement 3 material, product, technology or process changes.
    • Reuse or recycle hazardous materials/wastes in 3 ways.
    • Prevent contamination of storm water and runoff by implementing 4 measures.
    • Implement at least 3 measures with the goal of reducing vehicle emissions.

There is great flexibility in how the standards can be achieved. The Green Business Program Checklists provide additional information and suggested implementation measures. Measures previously implemented will be considered towards achievement of standards. Participants can request alternatives or exemptions for measures which are not feasible for their company.

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