Drawdown: Marin

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Drawdown: Marin | Five Strategies


100 Percent Renewable Energy

Right Now: Sign up for 100% renewable energy with your electricity provider: MCE Clean Energy or PG&E.

Support local policies that phase out fossil fuels and increase renewable energy production.

Next: Reduce fossil fuel use by switching to electric appliances and building systems (heat pumps for HVAC, induction cooking to replace gas stoves and ovens).

And Then: Install solar on your home or business. Check to see if your site is suitable at Project Sunroof.


Low Carbon Transportation
Right Now: Adopt fuel-efficient driving habits.

Walk, bike, and use public transit.

Improve employee commutes by utilizing transit incentives.

Next: Purchase travel offsets.

Encourage carpooling: sign your business up for the "Emergency Ride Home" Program through the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM).

And Then: Make your next vehicle or fleet purchase an EV (or at least a hybrid).

Install EV charging at your business for employees and customers.



Energy Efficiency
Right Now: When you change a light bulb, make it an LED.

Turn off all electronic appliances when not in use.

Next: Complete an energy audit for your apartment, home, or business (Residents; Businesses)

Create a plan to improve energy efficiency.

Add insulation, weather-stripping, and window coverings.

And Then: Make all major appliance purchases (water heaters, furnaces, dryers, etc.) electric and energy efficient.

Install energy-efficient windows.

Install on-site battery storage.



Local Food and Carbon Sequestration
Right Now: Compost to keep methane-producing organic materials out of the landfill.

Reduce waste by purchasing only what you consume.

Next: Buy locally grown food and products.

And Then: Plant a tree on your property and encourage your community to add trees to streets and parks.

Eat a plant-rich diet.



Climate Resilient Communities
Right Now: Start a "Resilient Neighborhoods" team at your business or in your community.

Understand climate change ricks: go to the "Our Coast, Our Future" website.

Next: Reduce water waste and improve water use efficiency inside and out. (MMWD Customers; North Marin Waster District Customers).

Use Green Purchasing Guidelines.

Support carbon sequestration practices and policies.

And Then: Support innovative technologies and opportunities for improved business and community resilience, such as battery storage, micro-grids, and green infrastructure. 

Work with your community on emergency preparedness.