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About Our Name Change

We've Changed Our Name

We have engaged in an extensive process of listening to our partners, our participants, and the public. We’ve been refining our goals and deepening our understanding of what is our unique offering in Marin County considering there are many organizations addressing climate change.

We are still committed to dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions below zero by 2045. We chose to move away from our existing name because we are becoming a new nonprofit. While the County of Marin will continue to be our partner and engage in our work, the new organization will be more inclusive with a diverse board of directors. We believe that commitment and involvement from individuals, nonprofits, community-based organizations, businesses, government, and agencies can and will lead to meaningful progress toward our shared climate and equity goals.

MarinCAN logo 

As MarinCAN, we will create a hub for increased coordination so entities throughout the county can work more effectively together to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals, increase community resilience, and meaningfully address and integrate equity in our work.

We are excited to continue connecting, supporting, and accelerating the work of our partners.

In 2021, we helped secure over $2million in funding to support 4 MarinCAN endorsed solutions: Zero Emissions Vehicles, Community Resilience Hubs, Marin Biomass Project, and the Marin Carbon Farming Initiative.

Why MarinCAN?

The name MarinCAN evokes a positive, can-do approach to addressing climate change and equity locally. It is also a nod to our roots, a small group of committed community members called the Marin Climate Action Network or MCAN. This group demanded we take collective, local action on climate change and invited the support of the County of Marin to coordinate efforts countywide.

MarinCAN encourages us to remain optimistic and committed to addressing climate change. By truly working together, we can meet our collective climate and equity goals.

The Logo

The MarinCAN logo is simple and straightforward and links us to other successful, ‘can do’ campaigns in US history. The colors were chosen to remind us that collective action can lead to measurable change, invoke a sense of dedication to our cause, and complement the many logos of Marin-based climate change, sustainability, and environmental organizations.


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan summarizes all 29 solutions, necessary equity work and initiatives, community empowerment and engagement priorities, and governance and funding frameworks and needs for 2021-2030. The Marin County Board of Supervisors received and endorsed the Strategic Plan on December 8, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the Strategic Plan, please contact Dana Armanino.

Drawdown: Marin Strategic Plan
Appendix A - What is Drawdown: Marin?
Appendix B - Equity in Practice
Appendix C - Year 1 Survey Results and Analysis
Appendix D - Drawdown: Marin Guiding Principles and Solutions Evaluation Criteria
Appendix E - Drawdown: Marin Solutions - Detailed Solutions Information and Comparison
Appendix F - Responses to Public Comments on the July 2020 Public Draft Strategic Plan

Community Workshop - September 2021

Powerpoint Presentation
Workshop Recording

Collective Impact Workshop

TRIZ Exercise Handout
TRIZ Notes
About Collective Impact Handout
Workshop Photos

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training - May 2020

Session 1, 2, and 3 Materials, Homework, and Handouts

Academic Partnership/Research

Berkeley Law, University of California, Project Climate, Sadie Frank, Drawdown Marin: Governance Challenges and Opportunities

Events/Marketing Resources

Sponsorship Criteria
Partner Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Background Reading Materials for All Groups

A New Book on the Climate Crisis Makes the Persuasive Case That We're Not Doomed (The Nation)
This Article Won't Change Your Mind (The Atlantic)
Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

MarinCAN Board of Directors

MarinCAN Board of Directors

Current Board Roster
MarinCAN Bylaws (Approved 08/31/2022)


Community Ambassador Program

The Community Ambassador Program is made possible by a Marin Community Foundation grant ($126,451) that funds internal and external equity initiatives and supports MarinCAN as it works towards meaningfully including communities of color.

The Ambassador Program recognizes existing community leaders, offers storytelling, climate change, and advocacy training, stipends for participation, and assistance to develop projects that implement existing community priorities, address climate change, and improve quality of life for Marin County’s most undeserved communities.

Project Development Process

The Community Ambassador Program seeks to acknowledge and support existing community leaders from underserved populations and communities of color to advocate for community priorities, learn about climate change, and share information about MarinCAN with friends, neighbors, and family members. Ambassadors identified community priorities and practiced critical thinking to invent solutions through the lens of MarinCAN’s 6 Focus Areas. Ambassadors learned about the climate crisis and explored and evaluated MarinCAN’s endorsed solutions. Working in groups facilitated by volunteers from the MarinCAN Equity Task Force, Ambassadors adopted a rhythm of continuous growth and inclusive decision-making as they developed their project proposals.

Grant Review Committee

12 Ambassadors worked to develop and submit community project proposals to Drawdown: Marin for review and potential grant funding. Funding is available through a Marin Community Foundation (MCF) awarded to Drawdown: Marin in June 2019 to “more deeply engage communities of color” in the initiative. In the spirit of inclusion, a grant review committee composed of 6 members: Drawdown: Marin staff, the Multicultural Center of Marin staff, the Environmental Forum of Marin staff, and Canal Alliance’s “Voces del Canal” program volunteers reviewed the community project proposals. On May 21, 2021, the committee shared their evaluation and thoughts on each community project. At the culmination of the initial committee review, members took a democratic vote to elect projects to receive grant funds.

Selected Projects

Projects selected for implementation are as follows:

  • Empowered Women Cleaning Marin by Fátima Piña
  • Expanding Trash Disposals in the Canal Community by Linh and Mai Thach
  • Community Greening Project by Ha Lu, Alida Calderon, and Sebastiana Gomez

Next Steps

Awardees will convene for a kick-off meeting to discuss logistics related to funding distribution and grant reporting, how best to connect with project partners that will assist with implementation, and on-going technical assistance, which will be provided by the Multicultural Center of Marin staff. Projects must be implemented in 1 year.

Equity Task Force

Equity Progress Report

MarinCAN is committed to addressing and connecting climate change and equity. With generous funding from the Marin Community Foundation, it developed a survey to measure progress toward engaging communities of color in the initiative and addressing systemic inequities as it develops and implements local climate solutions. The first report explains our goals and identifies areas for continued work.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training - May 2020