Drawdown Marin Process Overview

Community Development Agency

Gather Information and Identify Priority Solutions

Form Stakeholder Collaboratives that will develop recommended priority solutions, set goals/objectives, and develop metrics to measure progress.

What are the Stakeholder Collaboratives?

The Stakeholder Collaboratives (Collaboratives or SCs) consist of technical experts, community members, county and city staff, community-based organizations, academia, and financial institutions that have the experience and know-how to identify how we can creatively develop and implement innovative solutions that address the most pressing climate change-related challenges facing Marin County and the Bay Area. No idea is a bad idea and the Collaboratives will be used to build trust.

The Collaboratives are invite-only and are intended to be small and manageable working groups with individuals that represent various aspects of the community and subject matter. These meetings are open to observers. Please see the schedule for more information on when each of the Collaboratives is launching. Meeting-related documents are posted online.

Community Partnership Council

The Community Partnership Council (the Council) will set community engagement and empowerment goals. Council members represent a variety of geographic areas, community groups, and interests and have direct experience engaging the community on a variety of topics.

The Council will map community networks to expand Drawdown: Marin's reach and will develop a scope of work for an Outreach Plan. The council will go to the people to ask about their "direct-lived experience" and needs/priorities.

The Council is invite-only but the meetings are open to observers. The public is encouraged to share ideas directly with the Drawdown Coordinator or with a member of the Council. Please see the schedule for information on when the Council is meeting. Meeting-related documents are posted online.

Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee (the Committee) will will develop the Drawdown: Marin Vision and Guiding Principles. The Committee will coordinate the work of all the Collaboratives as well as the Council. The Committee will develop evaluation criteria to prioritize the solutions developed by the Collaboratives and will also work to build partnerships and identify funding necessary to implement those solutions and engage the community. Committee members represent diverse interests and experience including faith-based organizations, financial institutions, cities and towns in the County, and include a representative from each Collaborative.

The Committee is invite-only but meetings are open to observers. The public is encouraged to share ideas directly with the Drawdown Coordinator or with a member of the Committee. Please see the schedule for information on when the Committee is meeting. Meeting-related documents are posted online.

Call to Action

Work with the Council and engagement experts to inform the community about Drawdown, what it is and what they can do right now.

Visit the Drawdownmarin.org homepage for more information on what you can do now, then, and next in each of the 6 focus areas.

Prioritize and Fund Priority Solutions

The Committee provides strategic guidance to Collaboratives, helps prioritize solutions across all focus areas/Collaboratives, and builds partnerships with key funders and organizations.

This is an ongoing effort.

Implement Solutions

Continue community engagement and empowerment to inform the public about the priority solutions and related programs and initiatives, secure funding for implementation and continued marketing, measure implementation success using Collaborative-developed criteria. See schedule for more information on when the implementation will begin.

Drawdown Advisors

The Drawdown initiative seeks to build relationships and gather input from experts in various fields of study and practice. Advisors may be called on throughout the Drawdown process to provide ad-hoc technical, financial, and community engagement guidance to the Committee, Council, and Collaboratives.

Criteria for Stakeholder Collaborative, Community Partnership Council, and Executive Steering Committee Membership

Members of each group must represent diverse interests and opinions to ensure Drawdown: Marin is comprehensive and address the needs and desires of the entire community while incorporating perspectives from neighboring jurisdictions as well as regional issues and priorities.

Individuals and organizations offered participation should have direct experience or indirect experience relevant to the focus area/project/community engagement, subject matter experience, community connections, and power & influence in the community.

Invitees should satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Community-based organizations (CBOs) - located in or benefiting Marin County, cities, residents, and businesses. CBOs should represent the interests and priorities of all County residents.
  2. Academic institutions and schools located in or supporting Marin County through programming or research
  3. Bay Area local government agency staff. This includes Marin County and cities and staff from neighboring jurisdictions. This also includes staff from public health, housing, transportation, waste, and energy agencies, port authorities, and sanitation and resource conservation districts.
  4. Non-profits that work in or directly benefit Marin County through program offerings, funding, research, and policy work.
  5. Private sector companies that have shown a commitment to sustainability through investments, internal operating procedures, product design, and community initiatives.
  6. Activists who are well-connected to the community and are prepared to identify key opportunities to effectively engage community members on key issues related to climate change. Activists can provide a unique perspectives on the pulse of the community.
  7. Business owners operating in Marin County.
  8. Faith-based organizations.

For more detailed information, please download our Drawdown Roadmap.