Alta Way Extension Project Initial Study

Community Development Agency
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The roadway will be contained within the public right of way of Alta Way, Mill Valley.

Assessor’s Parcels

The ten parcels that will potentially be developed in the future are:
049-041-48, 049-041-43, 049-041-42, 049-041-44, 049-044-07, 049-044-08, 049-044-30, 049-044-29, 049-044-31, 049-044-14

Project Engineer

Jason Wong

Project Description

The applicant requests a Grading Permit approval to extend the roadway at the end of Alta Way for an approximate length of 526 feet. The proposed roadway extension would be located in the right of way and would involve construction of a retaining wall ranging to a maximum height of approximately 6 feet. The width of the roadway will be 20 feet wide ending in a fire truck turnaround. Utilities will also be extended to allow potential future development of up to ten single family residential homes.

Project Status

A scoping session on the Alta Way Extension Project will be held in the community on a date to be determined. Please subscribe to this page for future updates.

Contract Status

On March 7th at the Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board approved the applicant-funded, County-selected consultant contract for preparation of an Initial Study for the Alta Way Extension Project. An Initial Study is a preliminary analysis which is prepared, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), to determine the relative environmental impacts associated with a proposed project. It is designed as a measuring mechanism to determine if a project will have a significant adverse effect on the environment that cannot be mitigated, thereby triggering the need to prepare a full environmental impact report (EIR). It also functions as an evidentiary document containing information which supports conclusions regarding potentially significant environmental impacts resulting from a project and how those impacts may be mitigated.

The Initial Study is intended to reach one of three possible conclusions:

  1. If there is no substantial evidence, in light of the whole record before the agency (in this case, County Department of Public Works), that the project may have a significant effect on the environment, the agency prepares a Negative Declaration (ND), or
  2. If the Initial Study identifies potentially significant effects, but revisions in the project plans or proposals would avoid the effects or mitigate the effects to a point where clearly no significant effect would occur, and there is no substantial evidence, in light of the whole record before the agency that the project as revised may have a significant effect on the environment, then a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) is prepared, or
  3. If the Initial Study concludes that the project may have a significant effect that cannot be mitigated, then an EIR is prepared.
The only action that the Board took on March 7th related to the Alta Way Extension Project was approval of the consultant contract to prepare the Initial Study. No other actions were taken.