Taylor Trust Coastal Permit (P2809)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project



12800 State Route 1, Point Reyes Station
Assessor's Parcel 119-020-31


Merits Review

Project Planner

Megan Alton


John and Karen Taylor

Project Description

The applicant requests Coastal Permit approval to convert a manure flush system to an automated pulley scrape system with a separator and in-vessel composter system on a developed lot in Point Reyes Station. Improvements include a heavy use concrete slab approximately 16 feet by 120 feet, a 14-foot diameter concrete waste storage pit, a house keeping slab for the composter, an underground waste transfer gravity line and a pressurized waste transfer line. All proposed improvements are over 600 feet away from the nearest property line.
Coastal approval is required because the project 22.56.055I.

Zoning: C-APZ-60
Countywide Plan Designation: C-AG-1
Community Plan (if applicable): n/a

Public Notice

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Public Hearings

Deputy Zoning Administrator Public Hearing09/17/20
10:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903