Dowd Use Permit / Design Review / Tidelands Permit (P2025)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project



20105 State Route One
Marshall, CA 94940
Parcel Number: 106-020-41



Project Planner

Christine Gimmler


Gary Dowd

Project Description

The applicant is requesting Use Permit, Design Review, and Tidelands Permit approval to remodel the historic Marshall Tavern building into an approximately 5,880 square foot, seven bedroom residence that is proposed to be used as a five room bed and breakfast plus two bedrooms for the proprietor/manager. A total of eight parking spaces (including one van-accessible space) would be provided in the gravel parking lot immediately south of the Tavern building. The Marshall Tavern was constructed in the late 1800’s and has been vacant for years. Proposed improvements to the structure include: 1) repair and reinforcement of the existing structure; 2) installation of additional windows on the west (bay) side of the structure; 3) interior remodeling; 4) construction of exterior decks on the lower and upper floors of the west (bay) side of the structure; 5) installation of roof-mounted solar panels on the south and west facing portions of the roof; and 6) construction of an approximately 4,000 square foot public access pier and concession structure (with an accessible public restroom) and a small scale boat launch on the site of the former Marshall Hotel, immediately north of the Tavern building. The property is connected to the East Shore Wastewater Project and water service is proposed to be provided through a shared private water system.

A Use Permit is required to allow a five-bedroom bed and breakfast use in the governing C-VCR zoning district. In addition, Design Review is required for the various exterior improvements and a Tidelands Permit is required because work is proposed within 100 feet of the mean high tide line. A Coastal Permit for the project will be processed separately by the Coastal Commission due to the property’s location within the Commission’s permitting jurisdiction.

It should be noted that renovation of the Marshall Tavern building for use as a bed and breakfast was previously approved by the County of Marin and the Coastal Commission in 2010 and 2012, respectively. However, the County's permit subsequently expired. The plans submitted by the current property owner are consistent with previous approvals. In particular, the project includes construction of a public recreational pier and small boat launch previously required by the Coastal Commission to facilitate public recreational access to Tomales Bay.

Zoning: C-VCR (Coastal, Village Commercial-Residential)
Countywide Plan Designation: C-RS (Coastal, Residential/Commercial)
Community Plan (if applicable): East Shore Community Plan

Most Recent Project Plans

Please note:
Coastal Commission Conditions of Approval shown on Sheets 9 and 10 of submitted plans have been superseded and no longer reflect the Commission's most recent permit conditions.

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