Chapman Design Review / Coastal Permit Exclusion (P1834)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

New Single Family Residence


42 Cypress Road
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Parcel Number: 119-082-39



Project Planner

Jeremy Tejirian


James J. Chapman

Project Description

The applicant proposes to demolish an existing 2,864 square foot single family residence and associated garage and sheds, and requests Design Review approval to construct a new residence with associated accessory structures and site improvements on a property in Point Reyes Station. The proposed development includes a 3,989 square foot single family residence, a 747 square foot carport, a 100-square foot pool equipment shed, a 200 square foot greenhouse, a pool, various porches and patios, an entry gate and realigned driveway, septic system and drainage improvements. The proposed 3,989 square feet of floor area would result in a floor area ratio of 0.04 percent on the 100,188 square foot lot. The proposed residence would reach a maximum height of 25 feet above surrounding grade and the exterior walls would be 22 feet from the northern side property line and more than 100 feet from all other property lines.

The proposed accessory buildings would not exceed a height of 15 feet above surrounding grade. The proposed carport would have a minimum setback of 19 feet from the southern side property line, the proposed greenhouse would have a minimum setback of 7 feet from the southern side setback, and the proposed pool equipment shed would be located directly adjacent to the northern side property line.

Exterior materials would generally consist of medium to dark earthtones for the exterior siding and trim, with lighter siding and trim around the covered patios and porch, and stone veneer accents. Horizontal surfaces would generally consist of earthtone permeable paving and granitecrete, except for the chipseal driveway. The entry gate and fencing would generally be corten posts and open wire mesh. Decorative hardscape improvements would include a water feature, art piece, and trellis. Exterior lighting would include wall fixtures on the buildings and low pathway lamps. The total area of the disturbance would be approximately one acre with less than 700 cubic yards of cut and fill and approximately 10 cubic yards of off-haul. Landscaping would include native trees and non-native fruit trees, mostly native shrubs and groundcovers. The row of dogwood trees providing screening along the northern property line is proposed to remain, and no major vegetation would be removed for the project.

Design Review approval is required because the project is in a planned zoning district. The applicant has also requested Coastal Permit Exclusion under Categorical Exclusion Order E-81-6 for Single Family Dwellings in the community of Point Reyes Station.

Zoning: C-ARP-1 (Coastal, Agricultural, Residential Planned District, 1 unit/acre)
Countywide Plan Designation: C-AG3 (Coastal Agricultural, 1 unit/1-9 acres)
Community Plan (if applicable): Point Reyes Station

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