Cappiello Coastal Permit / Design Review (P1917)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Residential Addition/Accessory Structure


22667 State Route 1
Marshall, CA 94940
Parcel Number: 104-170-14



Project Planner

Evelyn Garcia


Dana Cappiello

Project Description

The applicant requests Coastal Permit and Design Review approval to legalize an existing 1,182 square foot guest house on an improved lot in unincorporated Marshall. The 59,149 square foot property is developed with a 1,040 square foot single-family residence. The guest house has a maximum height of 12 feet above surrounding grade and has the following setbacks: 43.8 feet from the eastern front property line; 24.7 feet from the northern side property line; greater than 100 feet from the western rear property line; approximately 74 feet from the southern rear property line. Water is provided from a well on an adjacent property. Sewage disposal is provided by an on-site septic tank. The property is also developed with five water tanks, a teepee, a pier, and a spa. Access to the property is provided by a 15-foott wide easement for roadway and utility purposes.

Design Review approval is required because the project in a planned zoning district. Coastal Permit is required because the project is in the Coastal Zone.

Zoning: C-RSP-0.5 (Coastal, Residential, Single-Family Planned District, 1 unit per 2 acres maximum density)
Countywide Plan Designation: C-SF3 (Coastal, Single Family, 1 unit per 1 to 5 acres)
Community Plan (if applicable): East Shore Community Plan

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