Beauchamp Design Review Amendment (P3967) - County of Marin

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Residential Addition/Accessory Structure


107 Trinidad Dr., Tiburon
Assessor's Parcel: 038-391-08



Project Planner

Erin Yattaw


Mohamad Sadrieh

Project Description

On January 19, 2023, the Community Development Agency received a Design Review application proposing to amend the Beauchamp Design Review (P2675) originally approved on March 19, 2020. The proposed amendments entail the construction of a new upper-level 109 square foot addition, redesigning and enlarging a previously approved upper-level addition by 18 square feet, constructing a new lower-level addition of 361 square feet by enclosing a deck, and redesigning and enlarging a previously approved lower-level addition by 34.5 square feet on a developed lot in Tiburon. The 522.5 square feet of proposed would result in a floor area ratio of 35 percent on the 10,342 square foot lot. The proposed additions would reach a maximum height of 23 feet, 2 inches above surrounding grade and would have the following setbacks: 20 feet from the eastern front property line; 31 feet from the northern side property line; 6 feet from the southern side property line; 82.5 feet from the western rear property line. Various site improvements would also be entailed in the proposed development, including new redesigning exterior stairs, interior remodel, new doors, new windows, new horizontal siding, new roof, and new garage door.

The Beauchamp Design Review (P2675) approved the construction of 976 square feet of additions to the existing 2,724 square foot single-family dwelling. The proposed amendments entail modifications to the approved additions and new additions are also proposed.

Design Review amendment approval is required because the project is a substantial modification of what was approved in the previous Design Review.

Zoning: BCF-RSP-2.4 (Residential Single-Family Planned)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF5 (Low Density Residential)
Community Plan: N/A

Most Recent Project Plans

Project Plans 3.20.23
Beauchamp Color Board