Williams & Sell Trust - Tamalpais Community Service District Lot Line Adjustment (P3213)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Lot Modification


210 Stanford Avenue/Tamalpais Community Service District property located on Stanford Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Number: 050-074-33 and 050-074-34


Merits Review

Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket


Lawrence A. Stevens, PLS | LA Stevens and Associates, Inc.

Project Description

On June 28, 2021, the Community Development Agency, Planning Division received the subject application.

The applicant requests Lot Line Adjustment approval to adjust the lot lines between two contiguous legal lots of record as described below:

Assessor’s Parcel Number Street Address Existing Area Proposed Area Average Slope (%)
050-074-33 210 Stanford Ave 12,075 sq. ft. 2,818 sq. ft. 32
050-074-34 vacant
12,075 sq. ft. 2,818 sq. ft. 28

Specifically, 2,660 square feet of land would be transferred from APN 050-070-33 to APN 050-070-33 and 2,880 square feet of land would be transferred from APN 050-070-33 to APN 050-070-34. Lands of Williams & Sell Trust would change from an existing 38,450 square feet in area to a proposed 38,670 square feet in area and Lands of TCSD would change from an existing 126,216.4 square feet to a proposed 126,000 square feet in area.

Pursuant to Marin County Development Code Section 22.90.020, Lot Line Adjustment approval is required because the project involves adjusting lot lines between two adjacent parcels where land is taken from one parcel and added to an adjacent parcel without creating more parcels than originally existed.

Zoning: RMP-0.5 (Residential Multiple Planned)
Countywide Plan Designation: PR (Planned Residential)
Community Plan: Tamalpais Area Community Plan

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