Whalers Point Master Plan/Precise Development Plan/Tidelands Permit (09-0256)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Commercial - Site Improvement


240 Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Numbers: 052-227-09, -04, and 052-247-08



Project Planner

Ben Berto


Don Olsen & Associates

Project Description

The applicant is requesting approval for a new three-story hotel complex, on several combined parcels, including a primary site currently used for construction-related storage. The current proposal has been increased to 40,101 square feet of development area on currently claimed ownership of 116,975 square feet of dry land area, including 18,099 square feet of streets. Areas of the proposed structures are as follows: the 3-story hotel contains 33,701 square feet, the pool house contains 2,625 square feet, and two commercial buildings proposed on the far side of Bolinas Street contain a total of 3,775 square feet. The floor area ratio of structures with respect to the total claimed dry land area is 34.3 percent. The proposed hotel complex would contain 72 rooms (up from 56 rooms), and reach a maximum height of 34 feet, 3½ inches (42.5 feet Mean Sea Level. Building materials and colors include natural finish board and batten siding, also corrugated metal and manufactured stone, a standing seam metal roof with integral solar, anodized aluminum door and window frames, and exterior railings featuring metal post, stainless steel wire, and wooden handrails. The hotel site would feature several feet of fill (of unknown total cubic yardage), with the lowest structure finished floor level at 11 feet NAVD, and the parking areas built up to 9 feet NAVD. The site would be landscaped, and include an outdoor pool and sod-roofed poolhouse/spa. A total of 114 parking spaces are shown, with 56 claimed as on-site (most spaces extend within claimed street property boundaries). The applicant is claiming ownership of half the width of Parepa and Pohono Streets adjoining the hotel site, and either half or the entire width of portions of Bolinas Street adjoining the combined properties. No yard setback callouts were found. The proposed development (including hotel building) would be bisected by the 100-foot shoreline setback line, however the plans describe virtually the entire project as being located “outside of known BCDC jurisdiction”. An 8-foot-wide combination decomposed gravel and raised boardwalk pathway is proposed for public shoreline access around the east and north portions of the site, including a viewing platform on the northeast corner.

Zoning: BFC-RCR (Bayfront Conservation, Resort and Commercial Recreation District)
Countywide Plan Designation: RC (Recreational Commercial)
Community Plan (if applicable): Tamalpais Area Community Plan

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Public Notice

View the Public Notice - DPW public notice for Board of Supervisors October 21, 2014 hearing on street vacations.

Public Hearings

BOS Public Hearing for Right-of-Way Vacation10/21/14
01:30 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

BOS Public Workshop07/08/14
01:30 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903