Weissman (Dipsea Ranch) Master Plan (P1589)

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Main Component of the Project

Master Plan


357 and 455 Panoramic Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Numbers: 046-221-07 and 046-161-11



Project Planner

Curtis Havel


Dan Weissman

Project Description

The applicant is requesting Master Plan approval to subdivide an existing 8.29 acre lot, located at 455 Panoramic Highway in Mill Valley (APN 046-161-11), into 13 single-family residential lots. The northern end of the property is presently developed with a single-family residence. Also included in the Master Plan proposal is an adjacent 1.86 acre lot, located at 357 Panoramic Highway (APN 046-221-07, which is presently undeveloped.

Per the application, the new residential lots would range in size from 13,112 square feet in size to 27,314 square feet in size. Nine of the lots are proposed to be developed with market rate units and 4 of the lots are proposed to be developed with affordable housing units available to residents 55 years and older. In addition, the smaller lot located at 357 Panoramic Highway (APN 046-221-07) is proposed to be developed with one new single-family residence.

Access to the newly proposed residences on the larger lot, APN 046-161-11, is proposed to be provided via two access points. The majority of the lots (11) are proposed to be accessed via a newly proposed 28 foot wide road, which is anticipated to be located across from Kent Way (off of Panoramic Highway). A cul-de-sac is proposed to be provided at the terminus of the new road, which will serve as an emergency vehicle turnaround. The 2 remaining proposed lots on the northerly portion of the property are proposed to be served via the existing residential driveway that presently serves the residence located at 455 Panoramic Highway. Access to the newly proposed residence on the smaller southerly lot (APN 046-221-07) is proposed to be provided via a new driveway, which will either stem from Panoramic Highway, or from Ridge Avenue.

With regard to sewage disposal, the application includes a proposal to annex into the Homestead Valley Sanitary District and extend the existing sanitary sewer connection to serve the newly proposed lots. Water service is proposed to be provided by the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) upon extension of the nearby MMWD pipeline.

In addition to the applicant’s proposal to create 13 new residential lots, construct 14 new residences, and construct roadway and utility improvements necessary to serve the newly proposed lots, he is proposing to implement a number of conservation and site restoration measures. These additional measure are intended to address environmental impacts that resulted from past land use practices, in addition to any potential impacts that may occur as a result of the proposed development project. The majority of the measures are targeted toward restoration of the Redwood Creek watershed, as the project site is located on the upper reaches of intermittent streams that feed into the watershed, with portions of the project site encumbered by Stream Conservation Areas.

Further, the applicant intends to incorporate a number of innovative storm water management technologies into the final design. Upon review of the Master Plan materials, it appears that a series of retention basins, bioswales, and culvert upgrades will be incorporated into the project design. In addition, cutting edged technologies, such as utilization of impervious pavements and sod roofs, will be implemented during future phases of the project.

The watershed restoration aspect of the project includes the development of a comprehensive habitat restoration plan as the project moves forward, with the goal being to enhance and protect the Redwood Creek watershed through measures aimed at restoring and augmenting the intermittent streams adjacent to the project site, as well as the riparian vegetation that supports the streams.

Pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.44, Master Plan approval is required because the project entails a land division consisting of 5 or more lots.

Zoning: APN 046-161-11: RMP-0.5 (Residential, Multi-family Planned District, 1 unit per 2 acres).
             APN 046-221-07: R1-B4 (Residential, Single-family District, 1 acre minimum lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation: APN 046-161-11: PR (Planned Residential).
                                                 APN 046-221-07: SF3 (Rural Residential, 1 unit per 1-5 acres)
Community Plan: Tamalpais Community Plan

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Dipsea Ranch Status Letter - Merits 4/3/2017
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Tam Design Review Board03/01/17
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