Weissman (Dipsea Ranch) Land Division (P1589)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project



455 Panoramic Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Number: 046-161-11



Project Planner

Sabrina Sihakom


Dan Weissman

Project Description

“The 2020 Weissman (Dipsea Ranch) Land Division Mitigated Negative Declaration is currently being amended pursuant to the recent final ruling in the Friends of Muir Woods v. COM CEQA challenge. Once completed, the Amended Mitigated Negative Declaration will be made available for public review prior to it returning for consideration to the Planning Commission, along with the Planning Commission's consideration of project approval. Please check back for updates or subscribe to this webpage to receive timely notification on developments in the process. To receive updates on the environmental review process specifically, please visit and subscribe to the environmental review page for this project.

The project applicant, Dan Weissman, has submitted a revised project in response to the April 3, 2017 status letter from the Marin County Community Development Agency. The project was reduced in scope from 13 lots to 3 lots, no longer includes a proposal to extend the sewer line, and has limited access to the site to one point along Panoramic Highway. The revised project is described in more detail below, and in the attached project description from the project applicant.

The applicant is requesting approval to subdivide an existing 8.29-acre lot into 3 single-family residential lots. The new residential lots would range in size as follows:

Proposed Lot Number Proposed Lot Area
1 2.22
2 0.89
3 5.18

Residential development currently exists at the property and access to the site is proposed to be provided via the existing entry driveway at 455 Panoramic Highway. The project includes a proposal to install two new on-site sewage disposal systems to serve Lots 2 and 3. Water service would be provided by the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD). The project also includes the incorporation of a storm water management plan that utilizes a system of storm drains, cisterns and bioswales to address runoff.

Zoning: RMP-0.5 (Residential, Multi-family Planned District, 1 unit per 2 acres)
Countywide Plan Designation: PR (Planned Residential)
Community Plan: Tamalpais Area Community Plan

Public Notice

View the Public Notice - This is the second Notice and Referral of Planning Application.

Design Review Board Meetings

Tam Design Review Board03/1/17
7:00 PM

Homestead Valley Community Center
315 Montford Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Tam Design Review Board05/2/18
7:00 PM

40 Ridge Avenue
Muir Woods Park Clubhouse
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Public Hearings

BOS Public Hearing10/6/20
1:30 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

Planning Commission Public Hearing07/27/20
1:00 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

Planning Commission Public Hearing04/13/20
11:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

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