Smith Tentative Map (P2800)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project



245 Reed Street, Mill Valley
Assessor's Parcel: 040-101-20



Project Planner

Kathleen Kilgariff


Robin Smith

Project Description

The applicant is requesting a Vesting Tentative Map approval to divide a developed, 2.89-acre (125,900-square-foot, with a net area of 103,500) parcel into two separate parcels consisting of the following: Parcel 1 – 38,760 square feet (0.89 acre) and net area of 36,680 square feet (0.84 acre) parcel; and Parcel 2 – 86,120 square feet (1.98 acre) and net area of 55,960 square feet (1.28 acre) parcel as shown on the proposed Vesting Tentative Map. The average slope for proposed Parcel 1 would be 18.3-percent; the average slope for proposed Parcel 2 would be 41.6-percent.

Pursuant to Section 22.80.030, the subdivision of an existing parcel into two or more proposed parcels requires a Tentative Map for the proposed subdivision.

Public Hearings

Deputy Zoning Administrator Hearing08/27/20
10:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903