Smith and Belknap Lot Line Adjustment (P2951)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Lot Modification


245/254 Reed Street
Mill Valley
, CA

Parcel Number: 040-101-20 and 048-041-33



Project Planner

Kathleen Kilgariff
(415) 473-7173


Bob Belknap

Project Description

On August 27, 2020, the Marin County Deputy Zoning Administrator approved the division of a developed, 125,900-square foot lot at 245 Reed Street, Mill Valley into two separate lots (Parcel 1 and 2).

Parcel 1 would have lot area of 38,760 square feet, and would maintain the existing single-family residence, detached garage, a portion of the driveway and existing utilities. The driveway would serve both Parcels 1 and 2, with an access easement granted to Parcel 2. Parcel 2 would have a lot area 55,960 square feet.


Prior to recordation of the map to subdivide the property at 254 Reed Street, the property owners determined that they would like to abandon an existing easement for landscaping purposes and instead, adjust the lot lines between the above noted Parcel 2 and the property at 251 Reed Street. The lot line adjustment would result in a 70 square foot transfer of land from Parcel 2 to 251 Reed Street. As such, Parcel 2 would now measure 84,050 square feet in area and 251 Reed Street would measure 62,230 square feet in area.


Pursuant to Section 22.90.020 of the Marin County Development Code, Lot Line Adjustment approval is required because the project involves adjusting lot lines between two adjacent parcels, where land is taken from one parcel and added to an adjacent parcel without creating more parcels than originally existed.


Land Use Info:


Zoning:  R-1 (Residential, Single-family, Planned, 7,500 sq. ft. minimum)

Countywide Plan Designation:  SF6 (Single Family, 4 to 7 unit per acre)

Community Plan (if applicable):  Tamalpais Valley Plan Area



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