Maddox Design Review Amendment (P2900)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Site Improvements


49 Ridge Ave
Mill Valley
Parcel Number: 046-212-03 



Project Planner

Sabrina Cardoza


Chris Maddox

Project Description

On September 2, 2020, the applicant submitted a Planning Application requesting Design Review approval to amend the Maddox Design Review (P1858) originally approved on November 5, 2018. The proposed amendments include the construction of a retaining wall to support a proposed new septic system. The retaining wall entails an attached hogwire fence and would reach a maximum height of nine feet, three inches above surrounding grade. The retaining wall would be located along the northern rear property line. Various site improvements would also be entailed in the proposed development, including the installation of a new solid fence that would reach a maximum height of six feet above grade located along the northwestern side property line.

The Maddox Design Review (P1858) approved the replacement of an existing 1,924 square-foot residence and 54 square-foot accessory structure and construction of a new 3,357 square-foot residence resulting in a total building area of 3,357 square feet. This application does not propose any modifications to the previously approved building area.

Design Review approval is required pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.20.060.F.2 because the project entails a proposed retaining wall facing outwards from the center of the property and solid fencing that exceed a height of four feet.

Zoning: R1-B3 (Residential, Single-Family, 20,000 square-foot minimum lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF4 (Single-Family, 1-2 units/acre)
Community Plan: Tamalpais Area Community Plan

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Public Hearings

Board of Supervisors Public Hearing04/27/21
9:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

Planning Commission Public Hearing02/8/21
1:00 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903