Jasper Variance and Lot Line Adjustment (P3095) - County of Marin

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239 Cleveland Ave,
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Number: 051-211-18 



Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket


Heinrich Jasper

Project Description

The applicant requests Variance approval to construct a 335-square-foot addition to an existing 1,576-square-foot, three-story single-family residence on a developed lot in Mill Valley. The approximately 335 square feet of proposed addition would be achieved by enclosing an existing entryway and would result in a floor area ratio of 45.7 percent on the 4,185-square-foot lot. Under a separate application, the applicant and the adjacent property at 239 Cleveland Avenue (APN 051-211-19) are currently processing a lot line adjustment whereby a total 941 square feet of land would be transferred from APN 051-211-19 to the project site. With the lot line adjustment, the project site would increase from 4,185 square feet to 5,126 square feet, and the proposed project would result in a floor area ratio of 37 percent. The existing maximum height of the proposed residence would remain at approximately 30 feet above existing grade. The residence would maintain the existing setbacks as follows: 23 feet front (west), 3.5 feet side (north), 3.33 feet side (south), and 36 feet rear (east). Deck areas and access stairs would have one-foot side property line setbacks. No other improvements are proposed in conjunction with this project.

In accordance with Marin County Code Section 22.54.040, Variance approval is required because the project would exceed the maximum allowable floor area ratio of 30 percent permitted under the R1-B1 zoning district.


Zoning: R1-B1 (Residential, Single-Family, 6,000 square-foot minimum lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF6 (Single-Family, 4-7 units/acre) and SF5 (Single-Family, 2-4 units/acre)
Community Plan: Tamalpais Area Community Plan

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Public Hearings

Tam Design Review Board04/21/21
7:00 PM