Hedelman Floating Home Adjustment (P1459)

Community Development Agency
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Main Component of the Project

Floating Home Addition


11 Commodore Heliport
Sausalito, CA 94965
Parcel Number: 901-100-11



Project Planner

Megan Alton


Harold Hedelman

Project Description

The applicant request Floating Home Exception approval to construct first and second floor cantilevered decks around three sides of an existing floating home located at berth 11 of the Commodore Marina. The floating home would be relocated approximately 15 feet to the northwest, outside of the right-of-way (Yolo Street) to be consistence with the originally approved marina configuration. To accommodate this shift, the floating home at berth 10 would also be moved. The location change would result in the use of new and existing moorings, utility and gangway relocations and floor plan reconfiguration for the floating home at berth 11. The floating home at berth 11 has an existing floor area of 1,528 square feet and the proposed floor area is 1,509 square feet. The existing height of the floating home is 19 feet above the water line, which would not change as a result of the proposed project. The floating homes at berth 10 and 11 would be located 8 to 9 feet apart. The floating home at berth 10 would be located 30 feet from berth 1 and 2 and 25 feet from berth 3.

Floating Home Exception is required because the length of the floating home would exceed the dimensional standards for floating homes and the floating homes would encroach into the required setbacks.

Zoning: BFC-RCR (Bayfront Conservation, Resort and Commercial Recreation)
Countywide Plan Designation: RC: (Recreational Commercial, F.A.R. = 0.10 to 0.30)
Community Plan (if applicable): Tamalpais Community Plan

Most Recent Project Plans

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Public Notice

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Administrative Decisions

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Design Review Board Meetings

Tam Design Review Board10/19/16
07:00 PM

60 Tennessee Valley Road, near Hwy 1
Log Cabin
Mill Valley, CA 94941