Stinson Sandpiper LLC Coastal Permit and Design Review (P3549)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

New Single Family Residence


7 Jose Patio, Stinson Beach
Assessor's Parcel 195-102-12



Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket


Federico Engel, architect
(415) 674-4554

Project Description

You are requesting Coastal Permit and Design Review approvals to demolish the existing 2,260-square-foot single-family residence, and construct a new 2,393-square-foot single-family residence 653-square-foot garage, 62-square-foot storage and 612-square-foot deck on a lot located in the Patios area of Seadrift, Stinson Beach. The proposed development would result in a floor area ratio of 31.1 percent on the 9,361-square-foot lot. The proposed building would have a maximum height of 23 feet above surrounding grade at the roof upper ridge. Exterior walls would have the following setbacks: 27 feet from the front (north) property line; ten feet from side (west) property line; 14 feet from side (east) side property line; and zero setback from the rear property line. The project also includes various site improvements, including installation landscape; a new driveway; separate trash and service meter enclosures; fences and sliding front gate; and general site improvements to facilitate the proposed project.

Under Marin County Local Coastal Program Implementation section 22.68.060(C), section 22.68.060(G) and 22.68.060 (K)(1)(c), a Coastal Permit approval is required because the project is located within 300 feet of the inland extent of the nearby beach, involves reconstruction of a septic system and the demolition of the existing house and construction of a new house, whereby requiring a Coastal Permit under Section. Design Review approval under Section 22.42.020(A) is required because the project site is located in a Planned zoning district.

Zoning:  C-RSP-2 (Coastal, Residential Single-Family Planned District)
Countywide Plan Designation:  C-SF4 (Coastal, Single-Family  2-4/acre)
Community Plan: Stinson Beach Community Plan Area

Public Notice

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Administrative Decisions

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