Richard Lewis 2006 Trust Tree Removal Permit (P3538)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Site Improvements


74 Circle Rd., San Rafael
Assessor's Parcel 179-241-07



Project Planner

Erin Yattaw
415 473 3535


Rick Lewis

Project Description

The applicant requests Tree Removal Permit approval for the removal of a total of six protected trees on a lot developed with a single-family dwelling. Based on the materials provided, one 16-inch Coast Live Oak tree, one 10-inch Coast Live Oak tree, two 8-inch Coast Live Oak trees, one 18-inch Coast Redwood tree, and one 22-inch Douglas-fir tree were removed from the property in a one-year timeframe without Tree Removal Permit approval.

Zoning:  A2-B4 (Agriculture Limited, minimum lot size 1 acre)
Countywide Plan Designation: HR (Hillside Residential), SF3 (Rural/Residential)
Community Plan: N/A

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Richard Lewis PLANS 4-7-22

Administrative Decisions

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