Coleman Design Review (P1923)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Residential Addition/Accessory Structure


191 Oak Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901
Parcel Number: 186-153-05


Merits Review

Project Planner

Sabrina Sihakom


Gordon Walker

Project Description

The applicant requests Design Review approval to retroactively authorize the installation of as-built foundation repairs consisting of 14 new piers constructed on top of a new concrete slab approximately 2 feet, 6 inches tall and an as-built deck constructed on top of a 6-foot, 6-inch tall wall.

Review approval is required pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.42.025.G because the proposed deck exceeds a height of 5 feet from grade.

Zoning: BFC-RSP-7.26 (Bayfront Conservation, Residential, Single-Family Planned, 7.26 units/acre)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF6 (Single-Family, 4-7 units/acre)

Most Recent Project Plans

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Public Notice

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