Albion Monolith LLC Master Plan / Tentative Map (P1921)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Lot Modification


33 / 37 Albion Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Parcel Numbers: 018-087-13 and -14


Environmental Review

Project Planner

Tammy Taylor


Hayes Shair

Project Description

The project is a proposal to subdivide two lots into five lots (summary provided in table below).

The subject property has a combined area of 1.78 acres (77,513 square feet), and is currently developed with two single-family residences and has frontage along Auburn Street and Albion Street.

The proposed project includes the creation of four new lots (Lots 1-4) for the purpose of single-family residential development, and one new lot (Lot 5) for multi-family residential development. Per the project plans, Lots 1 and 2 would be reserved for new single-family residences, Lots 3 and 4 would contain the existing single family residences, and Lot 5 would be reserved for six condominium units (six units in two 3-plex configurations).

Lots 1 and 2 are proposed to take access via a new driveway from Albion Street, Lots 3 and 4 would continue to be accessed by an existing shared driveway, and Lot 5 is proposed to take access from a new 24-foot wide private driveway from Auburn Street.

Lot Summary Table

Lot Lot Area (square feet) Use
Lot 1 10,999 New single family residence
Lot 2 10,202 New single family residence
Lot 3 5,471 Existing single family residence
Lot 4 15,080 Existing single family residence
Lot 5 35,761 New 6-unit multi-family condominium units

Pursuant to Chapters 22.44 and 22.84 of the Marin County Development Code, a Master Plan and Tentative Map are required because the project entails the subdivision of two lots into five lots with the construction of 10 new residential dwelling units in a Planned zoning district. 

Zoning: RMP-9 (Residential, Multiple-Family Planned District, 9 units per acre maximum density)
Countywide Plan Designation: MF3 (Multi-Family Residential, 5-10 units per acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): N/A

Most Recent Project Plans

Albion Monolith LLC Plans 8-22-2019

Public Hearings

BOS Public Hearing11/5/19
10:30 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903

Planning Commission Public Hearing09/23/19
1:00 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903