Karuna Land LLC Master Plan Amendment, Vesting Tentative Map Amendment, and Precise Development Plan Amendment

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1 Sacramento Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Parcel number: 177-220-10


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Tom Lai


Karuna Land LLC (Attn: Jerry Draper)

Project Description

On June 13, 2017, the Board of Supervisors approved the first amendment to the Karuna Land LLC Master Plan along with a Vesting Tentative Map and Precise Development Plan to subdivide a 10.6-acre lot into six lots for residential development, plus one remainder parcel and an access and utilities parcel, and to construct six single-family residences along with access, utility, and other associated improvements.  In order to resolve a legal challenge brought forth by Karuna Land LLC against the County of Marin, the Board of Supervisors have entered into the 2019 Settlement Agreement, which can be found here: Karuna Settlement 6.19

The Community Development Agency initiated the second Master Plan Amendment, Vesting Tentative Map Amendment, and Precise Development Plan Amendment project in order to amend and conform the 2017 Approval to the Settlement Agreement by: (1) accepting payment of an in-lieu affordable housing fee in the amount of $232,000 for one affordable unit to meet the project’s inclusionary housing requirements; (2) modifying the number of residual residential units that are extinguished on the remainder parcel but transferrable to another property from 8 units to 10 units; (3) clarifying the maximum allowable floor area of each of the six homes to be 1,500 square feet (for strawbale construction) or 1,900 square feet (for standard construction) with a 6-year vesting period; and (4) replacing the required conservation easement on the remainder parcel with a deed restriction prohibiting any future development of any residential units.

Zoning: RMP-1.33 (Residential Multiple-family Planned, 1.33 units per acre)
MF-2 (Multi-Family)
Community Plan: N/A

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BOS Hearing07/16/19
9:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
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