Karuna Land LLC Master Plan Amendment / Precise Development Plan / Vesting Tentative Map (P1692)

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Main Component of the Project

Master Plan


1 Sacramento Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 91960
Parcel Number: 177-220-10



Project Planner

Jeremy Tejirian
Megan Alton


Karuna Land LLC

Project Description

On January 28, 2014, the Board approved a Master Plan but denied a Precise Development Plan and Vesting Tentative Map for the Karuna Land project. The Master Plan approval authorized the future subdivision of a 10.6-acre lot into six lots for residential development, plus one 9.2 acre remainder parcel, to be subject to a conservation agreement, and an access and utilities parcel, and development of those future lots.

The applicant has submitted a proposal to amend the Master Plan and has also submitted a revised Precise Development Plan for development of the property to resolve issues related to a settlement agreement and other areas of disagreement with the County. The applicant has resubmitted the previously proposed Vesting Tentative Map, seeking approval for the subdivision now that the development proposed for the new lots has been redesigned.

Development would entail the construction of six new single-family residences, as well as access, utility, and other associated improvements. The residential lots would range in size from 3,539 square feet for Lot 4 to 6,119 square feet for Lot 2. The remainder parcel would be 9.2 acres. The proposed single family residences would each be approximately 1,500 square feet in size and reach the following heights: Lot 1-28 feet; Lot 2- 30 feet; Lot 3- 28 feet Lot 4- 28.5 feet; Lot 5- 30 feet; and Lot 6- 28 feet. The residences would be built in two groups of three in a row aligned along the east (uphill) side of the proposed driveway. One of the residences, on Lot 4, would be designated as an affordable unit. Retaining walls are proposed around the residences and along the driveway and fire truck turnaround with heights ranging from 1 to 11 feet, including an unbroken driveway retaining wall of approximately 400 feet in length and 3- to 6-feet in height. Access is proposed from the end of Sacramento Avenue on a common private roadway and new driveway. A total of 9 residences (the future construction of six residences on the Karuna LLC property, and existing residences at 1 and 58 Sacramento Avenue, and the accessory dwelling unit in the barn at 11 Sacramento Avenue) are proposed to be served by this common driveway. A new concrete box culvert/bridge with a natural bottom would replace the two existing 24-inch diameter concrete culverts for the common driveway crossing over the creek. Drainage improvements include bioswales along the driveway, and a portion of the driveway is proposed to be constructed of permeable materials. The zoning for this property is RMP 1.33 (Residential Multifamily Planned, 1.33 units per acre).

Zoning: RMP-1.33 (Residential Multiple Planned)
Countywide Plan Designation: MF2 (Multi Family, 1-4 units/acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): n/a

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Board of Supervisors Public Hearing06/13/17
02:30 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903