Eghbal & Sprague Site Plan Review & Tree Removal Permit (P3613)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Site Improvements


Vacant Lot
Assessor's Parcel 168-151-01



Project Planner

Erin Yattaw


Said Eghbal

Project Description

The applicant requests Site Plan Review approval to construct a new 421 foot, 9 inch long driveway, a 425 foot, 6 inch long driveway retaining wall varying in height from 1 foot to 8 feet, and a 246 foot, 3 inch secondary retaining wall varying in height from 1 foot to 5.5 feet on a vacant lot in Lagunitas. The proposed development would have the following setbacks: 0 feet from the eastern front property line; 0 feet from the southern side property line; 0 feet from the northern side property line; 0 feet from the western rear property line.

Additionally, the applicant requests Tree Removal Permit approval to construct a new driveway on a vacant lot in Lagunitas. A total of 28 trees are proposed to be removed, two of which are heritage trees and 16 of which are protected trees. One protected 10-inch Bay tree, one protected 12-inch Bay tree, one protected 20-inch Bay tree, one protected 10-inch Fir tree, two protected 14-inch Fir trees, one heritage 38-inch Fir tree, five protected 6-inch Oak trees, two protected 8-inch Oak trees, one protected 10-inch Oak tree, two protected 12-inch Oak trees, and one heritage 18-inch Oak tree are proposed to be removed.

Site Plan Review approval is required pursuant to 22.52.020.C because the project entails constructing a driveway that exceeds a length of 250 feet in a R1 zoning district. Additionally, Site Plan Review is required pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.52.020.G.1 and 22.52.020.G.2 because the project entails creating a new driveway and creating 500 square feet or more of lot coverage on a property within the SGV combining district located outside of the Stream Conservation Area (SCA). Tree Removal Permit approval is also required pursuant to 22.62.020 because the project entails removing 16 protected trees and two heritage trees as defined in Marin County Code Section 22.130.030.P (Protected Tree and Heritage Tree).

Zoning:  R1-B3 (Residential Single Family, minimum lot size 20,000 square feet)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF4 (Rural/Residential)
Community Plan: San Geronimo Valley

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