Outnumbered2 LLC Design Review / Tree Removal Permit (P2085)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

New Single Family Residence


70 Oxford Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Number: 180-261-10


Environmental Review

Project Planner

Michelle Levenson


Cooper Kessel

Project Description

The applicant requests Design Review and Tree Removal approval to construct a new, 9,305 square foot single family residence and the following detached accessory structures: a 3,056 square foot garage, a 1,376 square foot barn and a 1,461 care-takers cottage on a vacant lot in San Rafael. The 14,658 square feet of proposed development would result in a floor area ratio of 1.21-percent on the 27.8-acre lot. Proposed maximum heights above surrounding grade for the structures include: 39.7 feet (main residence), 23 feet (garage), 29 feet (barn) and 25.5 feet (care-takers cottage). The residence, garage and barn would all maintain large setbacks to the nearest property lines (ranging from 87 feet for the barn and 237 feet for the main residence). The care-takers unit would be sited on the northern portion of the property, approximately 130 feet from the nearest property line. Access to the proposed development would be provided by an existing driveway accessed from Oxford Drive (primary access) and a new proposed driveway accessed from Leona Drive (secondary access). Other proposed work includes the construction of a swimming pool, entry gate, 120 square foot mail house and trash enclosure, 120 square foot writer’s cabin, and various landscape and hardscape improvements. The project would result in the removal of 45 trees that are regulated under Marin County Development Code Section 22.130.030; the applicant proposes to replant portions of the site pursuant to a tree replacement plan purposes.

In addition to the improvements described above, the applicant proposes a voluntary deed restriction on a 1.34-acre portion of the site for archaeological and historical purposes, and a voluntary deed restriction on a 16.40-acre portion of the site for conservation and agricultural purposes.

Design Review approval is required because the project proposes residential construction that would exceed 3,500 square feet in floor area and/or exceeds a height of 30 feet in a conventional zoning district (Marin County Development Code Section 22.42.020(B)). A Tree Removal Permit is required to allow the removal of proposed and/or heritage trees on the property pursuant to Marin County Development Code Section 22.62.020.

Zoning:  A-2:B-2 (Limited, agricultural and residential, 10,000 square foot minimum lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation:
  SF5 (Single family  residential, 2-4 units/acre)
Community Plan:
  Santa Venetia Community Plan Area