Marin Jewish Community Campus (JCC) Temporary Use Permit (P3638)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Temporary Use Permit


210 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael
Assessor's Parcel 180-281-34



Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket


Melissa Garcia

Project Description

The applicant, Melissa Garcia, on behalf of Congregation Rodef Shalom Marin, requests a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) approval to install a temporary modular building that will be used as office spacing during the demolition and construction of the Congregation Rodef Shalom synagogue on a developed lot in San Rafael. The proposed each modular building would be single-story and would measure approximately 12 feet wide by 32 feet long (384 square feet) and would measure approximately nine feet above the surrounding grade. The modular building would be placed approximately four feet from the rear property line, 30 feet from the south side property line, and over 100 feet from all other property lines.

Under the Marin County Code Section 22.50.040, Temporary Use Permit approval is required because the project entails the placement of a temporary residence on the property.

Zoning:  RA (Residential Agriculture District) and A2-B2  (Limited Agriculture, 10,000 sq. ft. min. lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation:  SF6 9 (Single Family, 4-7 units/acre) and SF5 (Single Family, 2-4 units/acre)
Community Plan: Santa Venetia Community Plan  

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