Marin Jewish Community Campus Rezoning and Master Plan Preapplication (P1962)

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Master Plan


170, 180, 200, and 210 North San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Numbers: 180-281-12, -20, -21, -25, -34, and -35


Merits Review

Project Planner

Christine Gimmler


Marin Jewish Community Campus

Project Description

Based on the pre-application materials, the Marin Jewish Community Campus is requesting pre-application review for a Rezoning and Master Plan application proposing long term campus development including new or expanded educational, religious, and residential uses on the approximately 13-acre subject property located on the south side of North San Pedro Road in the community of Santa Venetia. Development is proposed to occur in two phases over the next 20 years.

Phase One (1 to 5 years):
It would include replacement of the existing 14,357 square foot Congregation Rodef Sholom synagogue with a new two story, 22,000 square foot synagogue, construction of a new 10,560 square foot indoor/outdoor pool facility at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, and renovations and minor expansion of the existing Early Childhood Education (ECE) Building. Phase One development is expected to increase membership at Congregation Rodef Sholom by approximately 10 percent and increase enrollment at the Early Childhood Education program by 14 students (and two teachers).

Osher Marin Jewish Community Center – Construction of a new 10,560 square foot indoor/outdoor pool facility east of the existing outdoor lap pool (Sheets A6-A8) and renovations and minor expansion (700 square feet) of the exising Early Childhood Education (ECE) Building (Sheet A10). Enlargement of the ECE Building would create one additional classroom accommodating 14 students and 2 teachers.

Phase Two (6 to 20 years):
It would include a 2,090 square foot addition to the existing K-8 Brandeis Marin school as well as construction of a new 14,200 square foot two story middle school. Enlargement of the existing school would accommodate an increase in enrollment from 178 students (current enrollment) to approximately 250 students. Future construction of a new middle school would further increase the number of students, teachers and other employees by approximately 200. Also proposed is construction of 30 to 45 senior apartments (including 9 below market units) with associated community rooms (totaling 48,000 to 69,000 square feet) and 118 on-site parking spaces on the easternmost boundary of the existing campus (“JCC Annex”).

Zoning: A2:B2 (Limited Agriculture, 10,000 square foot minimum lot area)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF5 (Single-family, 2-4 units/acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): N/A

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