Busse Land Division / Tentative Map (P1612)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Land Division


Vacant Lot located on Suuny Oaks Drive and North San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Number: 180-211-02


Environmental Review

Project Planner

Evelyn Garcia


Art Busse

Project Description

The applicant is requesting Tentative Map Approval to divide a 4.438 acre lot located in the Santa Venetia neighborhood in San Rafael into four lots. The existing average slope of the lot is 57%. The subject property is bounded by Sunny Oaks Drive to the south and North San Pedro Road to the north. The project site is surrounded by single-family residential development.

As indicated on the proposed Tentative Map, each of the proposed new lots would be just over one acre in size. All four lots are proposed to be accessed from North San Pedro Road, with the proposed building envelopes located on the northernmost portion of the property, at the foot of the slope. Water and Sewer service is proposed to be provided via the extension of existing facilities located under North San Pedro Road.

The property is currently undeveloped. The front, northern, portion of the property is moderately sloped and consists primarily of annual grassland. The rear, southern, portion of the property is characterized by a combination of coastal oak-bay habitat and coastal scrub. Two trees, classified as “protected” in accordance with the Marin County Code, would require removal in conjunction with the future development of Lot 4. More than 620 native trees would be retained, as proposed.

Zoning: RE-B3 (Residential, Estate 20,000 minimum square foot lot)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF4 (Single Family, 1-2 units/acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): N/A

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