LaFranchi Conditional Use Permit Amendment (P3131) - County of Marin

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Use Permit


5400 Nicasio Valley Road
Nicasio, CA
Parcel Number: 121-050-30



Project Planner

Michelle Levenson


Kevin Lunny

Project Description

The applicant requests Conditional Use Permit Amendment approval to modify Conditional Use Permit UP 09-104 as follows: (1) allow the importation of 4,000 cubic yards (approximately 6,000 tons) per year of aggregate source material for processing (e.g., crushing/sorting of asphalt and concrete construction material) and sale; (2) import 2,500 cubic yards (approximately 3,500 tons) per year of material not produced on site for sale ancillary to quarry operations; (3) reduce the annual quarry aggregate extraction amount proportionally such that quarried material and reprocessed, imported material does not exceed 7,400 cubic yards (15,000 tons) of material produced per year; (4) clarify the stockpile height limit for stockpiled rock product; and (5) allow an additional 160 square feet of storage container space.


The applicant no longer proposes to increase the number of truck trips over the allowance authorized under the existing Conditional Use Permit (600 per month and 50 per day, with no more than 20-percent of truck trips routed through Nicasio Town Square).


Conditional Use Permit Amendment approval is required because the project involves modifications to previously authorized Conditional Use Permit UP 09-104 pursuant to Marin County Development Code Section 22.70.060.

Zoning: ARP-60
Countywide Plan Designation: AG1 Community Plan (if applicable): Nicasio Valley