Bedford Family Living Trust Design Review Amendment (P3908) - County of Marin

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Site Improvements


40 Laurel Canyon Road, Nicasio
Parcel Number: 121-270-28 and -29



Project Planner

Megan Alton


Schwartz and Architecture

Project Description

The applicant requests a Design Review Amendment to widen the driveway entrance, which would modify the retaining walls in the associated area on a lot in Nicasio. The retaining walls would be split with the lower retaining walls ranging in height from 5 feet to 9.26 feet tall. The upper retaining walls would be 0.2 feet to 4.4 feet in height. The previously approved retaining walls in this area were up to 10.3 feet.

The Bedford Family Living Trust Design Review and Tree Removal Permit (P2566), which was approved on January 27, 2020, was for the construction of a new 5,615 square foot home with an 1,111 square foot garage on a vacant lot in Nicasio. The approved development would result in a building area of 6,724 square feet and a floor area of 6,184 square feet, resulting in a floor area ratio of 0.38 percent on the 40-acre property. The approved building would reach a maximum height of 26 feet above surrounding grade and the exterior walls would have the following setbacks: more than 800 feet from the northeastern front property line; more than 800 feet from the northwestern side property line; approximately 493 feet from the southwestern side property line; and, approximately 138 feet from the southeastern rear property line. The approval included the development of an approximately quarter mile long driveway with retaining walls ranging in height from 1 foot to 10.3 feet. The approved driveway and septic system resulted in the removal of up to 68 protected or heritage trees.

The Bedford Family Living Trust Design Review and Tree Removal Permit (P2566), was previously amended to remove Condition of Approval 2b, which required that the grading plan be revised to show only 400 cubic yards of off haul. This condition of approval was removed because removing all excavated materials off site is not possible.

Design Review Amendment approval is required because the project was previously approved by a Design Review application.

Zoning: ARP-20
Countywide Plan Designation: AG2
Community Plan (if applicable): Nicasio

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