Village Baptist Church Zoning Compliance Report (P2813)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Multi-family Residence - New


825 Drake Avenue
Sausalito, CA 94965
Parcel Number: 052-112-03



Project Planner

Immanual Bereket


AMG & Associates, LLC

Project Description

The applicant requests Zoning Compliance Approval to construct a new 73,793 square foot building on a vacant lot in Marin City. The project will consist of 100 percent, exclusive of the managers units, affordable housing project with 20% of the units (15 units) for very low income households while the remaining 80% of the units (57 units) will be set aside for low income households. The construction of these affordable units will increase the stock of affordable housing within the County.

The proposed building would reach a maximum height of 53 feet five inches  feet above surrounding grade and the exterior walls would have the following setbacks: 10 feet from the south front property line; 10 feet from the east side property line; 14  feet from the west side property line; 41 feet one inch from the north rear property line. Various site improvements would also be entailed in the proposed development, including 13 feet tall retaining wall, surface parking, landscaping and other general site improvements to accommodate the project.

The property is subject to the Countywide Plan’s MF 4.5 (Multi Family Residential, 11-40 units per acre) land use designation and the polices for the City-Centered Corridor. This land use designation translates to a potential residential density range of 11.11 to 40.4 units for the subject property.  Pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.24.020A, for affordable housing located in districts that allow residential uses, allowable density will be established by the maximum Countywide Plan density range.

Zoning:  RMP – 34 (Residential, Multiple-family Planned District)
Countywide Plan Designation
MF 4.5 (Multi Family Residential, 11-40 units per acre)
Community Plan
:  Marin City

Administrative Decisions

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