Marin City Community Services District Master Plan (P1423)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Institutional - Public Facility


630 Drake Avenue
Sausalito, CA 949656
Parcel Number: 052-113-07



Project Planner

Megan Alton



Project Description

The current application is for Master Plan approval for the Center for Community Life, consisting of new/rehabilitated community center facilities at the 4.87-acre Marin City Community Services District campus in Marin City. The site is bounded by Drake Avenue to the west and north, Phillips Drive to the south, apartments to the north, and Rocky Graham Park and a County of Marin fire station and sheriff's substation to the west. The multi-building facilities are intended to be used for recreation, education, health, wellness and cultural programs and services.

The current Maser Plan is for ultimate long-term potential buildout of the property, and expands the recreation center building, health clinic, and early childhood education center, along with related site work and renovation of the Senior Center and Harriet Tubman house. Existing recreation, health and wellness, office buildings are proposed to be demolished and the modular buildings removed.

More conceptually, the Master Plan also includes a potential future-phase community swimming pool, supplemental classroom, and additional meeting and office space. A total of 206 parking spaces are proposed through a combination of onsite, on Phillips Drive and Drake Avenue, and shared parking with nearby churches. An elevated parking structure on a portion of the main parking lot is conceptually included to address additional demand created by the swimming pool and additional building areas.

Conceptual plans include replacement of the main 13,552 square foot recreational center building with a new 41,714 square foot building, renovation/expansion of the 4,138 square foot Marguerita C. Johnson senior center to 7,160 square feet, replacement of the 2,700 square foot Manzanita Children's Center with a new 4,400 square foot building, replacement of the 1,740 square foot Health & Wellness Center with a 4,000 square foot building, and relocation of the 2,567 square foot CSD offices to a renovated Harriet C. Tubman House. A variety of functions are proposed for the buildings, including a gym, pool, classrooms, stage, offices, exam rooms, laboratory, computer lab, offices, kitchen, restrooms, and storage. Total square footage in the various Community Center facilities is proposed to be increased in the Master Plan from the current 24,667 square feet to 59,959 square feet.

Zoning: PF (Public Facilities)
Countywide Plan Designation: GC (General Commercial /Mixed Use, F.A.R. = 0.10 to 0.20)
Community Plan (if applicable): Marin City Community Plan

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Center for Community Life Master Plan Application

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