Talus LLC Tree removal Permit (P3272)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Site Improvements


Vacant Lot, Erin Drive
San Rafael
Assessor's Parcel 164-270-07



Project Planner

Jeremy Tejirian


Rob Parish

Project Description

The applicant requests Tree Removal Permit approval to remove four heritage trees from the property in preparation for subdivision improvements. The trees proposed for removal are listed in the table below, along with the tree number that corresponds to the labels on the project plans.

Heritage Trees

Tree Number
 Species Diameter at Breast Height
 35  Coast Live Oak     
 43”, 33”, 39” (multi-stem)
 36  Coast Live Oak  34”
 37  Coast Live Oak  36”, 21” (multi-stem)
 38  Valley Oak
 23”, 20”, 19” (multi-stem)

A previous Tree Removal Permit was issued for the subdivision on August 4, 2020, which allowed the removal of 19 mature, healthy, native trees. In combination with the previously approved tree removal, the total number of protected or heritage trees being removed would be 23. The applicant has proposed a landscaping plan that would replace these trees with a total of 82 new coast live oak, valley oak, and western redbud trees. These replacement trees would be 24-inch box sizes and  distributed throughout the common areas of the subdivision.

Most Recent Project Plans

Talus Plans

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