Talus LLC Tree Removal (P2810)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Tree Removal - Major


Parcel Number:164-270-07



Project Planner

Kathleen Kilgariff


Project Description

On January 11, 2005, the Board of Supervisors approved the Oakview Master Plan. After the Board’s approval, a Parcel Map was recorded creating the subject property, a property to be developed  as an assisted living facility, a parcel reserved for Caltrans to build an intersection, and an open space parcel that was dedicated to the Marinwood Community Services District for ongoing public use.

On March 9, 2009, the Marin County Planning Commission approved the Oakview Vesting Tentative Map and Precise Development Plan, which authorized the subdivision of land to develop the above noted 28 single family residences. This decision is final, and the Tentative Map is now vested. However, the decision to approve the project did not include the removal of trees, yet approved development in areas where Protected and Heritage trees are present.

As such, Tree Removal Permit approval is now required to complete construction of the approved subdivision, now referred to as Talus Reserve. The applicant requests Tree Removal Permit approval to remove eight Heritage trees and eleven protected trees. The trees proposed for removal are listed in the below tables

Heritage Trees

SPECIES  DIAMETER at Breast Height (Inches)
Coast live oak   22.8, 18.8 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   21.4
Valley oak  18.6
Coast live oak  31.4, 22.7 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak  25.7
Coast live oak  25, 10.7 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   19.2
Coast live oak   21.4
Protected Trees
SPECIES   DIAMETER at Breast Height (Inches)
Coast Redwood  12.3
Coast live oak   17.4, 16, 11.8 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   15.2, 13.2 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   9.8
Coast live oak   14.7
Black oak   15.7
Coast live oak   10.6, 10.5 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   14.1, 10.4 (multi-stem)
Coast live oak   13.1, 12.4 (multi-stem)
Valley oak   14.1
Coast live oak   12
The environmental review of the previously approved subdivision discusses the trees on site and concluded that the County’s tree removal standards will address the loss of trees on the property. Per Section 22.26.040.E trees are to be replaced at a 2:1 ratio, and the applicants have provided landscape plans that exceeds this requirement, with a proposed total of 70 replacement trees.

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