Souang Vesting Tentative Map and Housing Compliance Review (P4164) - County of Marin

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project



1501 Lucas Valley Road, San Rafael
Assessor's Parcel: 164-280-35


Initial Review

Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket


John Bogdsarian
(734) 477-9400

Project Description

The applicant requests a “Preliminary Application” under Senate Bill (SB 330) and a vesting Tentative Map approval for a housing development project at a vacant lot located in the community of Lucas Valley, San Rafael. The proposed project would entail the construction of 100 new single-family lots and the construction of 100 new detached single-family residences and 25 Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs). The development pursuant to this application would occur on the rear portion of the site and is submitted pursuant to the “builder’s remedy” of the Housing Accountability Act. The proposed development, including driveways, pathways and common areas, would be confined to 3.43 acres of the 61.3-acre site. Additional details are provided below.

Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map:

The vesting Tentative Map application would subdivide 23.14-acres portions of the site to 100 individual lots. Each lot would have a minimum of 75 feet width and lot depth and size would vary, depending on the location of each parcel on the site.

Housing Compliance Review:

The ministerial Housing Compliance Review approval is required to construct the new residences. The project proposes two different floor plans and three color and material palettes. One floor plan depicts a two-story, 3,033 square-foot buildings with an attached 663 square foot garages, while the second option shows   a two-story, 2,868 square-foot buildings with an attached 576 square foot garages. Some of the residences would include 150 square-foot JADUs. Various site improvements would also be entailed in the proposed development, including landscaping and side and rear yard fences on each lot.

A tentative map application is required under Section 22.80.030 of the Development Code. Additional permits may be required.

Zoning: A60-HOD (Agriculture and Conservation, Housing Overlay Designation)

Countywide Plan Designation: AG1-HOD (Agriculture, 1/30-60-ac, Housing Overlay Designation)

Community Plan: None