Combs/Avallon Street Naming (P1726)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Street Name


35, 35A, 35B, 35C Rancheria Road
Kentfield, CA 94904
Parcel Numbers: 075-131-66, -39, -44, -65


Merits Review

Project Planner

Curtis Havel


Aaron Avallon and Tiffany Combs
John and Susan Stewart
Jim Sawdy and Chris Stepan
Jon and Mandana Malone

Project Description

The project is a proposal to name a 20-foot wide access easement that currently serves four residentially developed lots. The properties are currently addressed as follows:

Assessor's Parcel Number Existing Address Proposed Address
075-131-39 35A Rancheria Road 9 Park Lane
075-131-44 35B Rancheria Road 15 Park Lane
075-131-65 35C Rancheria Road 1 Park Lane
075-131-66 35 Rancheria Road 7 Park Lane
(5 Park Lane - Second Unit)

Zoning: R1:B2 (Single Family Residential, 10,000 square foot minimum lot size)
Countywide Plan Designation: SF5 (Single Family, 2-4 units per acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): Kentfield/Greenbrae Community Plan

Most Recent Project Plans

Combs/Avallon Map

Public Hearings

Deputy Zoning Administration Public Hearig10/09/17
09:00 AM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
San Rafael, CA 94903