Meadow Club Tree Removal Permit (P3529) - County of Marin

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Site Improvements


No address; Meadow Club Golf Course, Bolinas Rd., Fairfax
Assessor's Parcel 197-120-41



Project Planner

Erin Yattaw


Sean Tully

Project Description

This applicant requests Tree Removal Permit approval for the removal of a total of eight heritage trees and two protected trees on a lot developed with a commercial golf course. One 50-inch coast redwood tree, one 36.7-inch coast redwood tree, one 33.3-inch coast redwood tree, one 55.2-inch coast redwood tree, one 45.2-inch coast redwood tree, one 58.6-inch coast redwood tree, one 39.7-inch coast redwood tree, one 26.2-inch coast redwood tree, one 22.7-inch coast redwood tree, and one 37.7-inch coast redwood tree are proposed to be removed from the property.

Tree Removal Permit approval is required pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.62.020 because the project entails removing eight heritage trees and two protected trees as defined in Marin County Code Section 22.130.030.P (Protected Tree and Heritage Tree).

Zoning:  OA (Open Area)
Countywide Plan Designation: OS (Open Space)
Community Plan: N/A