Bolinas Community Land Trust Coastal Permit/Design Review/Use Permit (P2835)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Multi-family Residential/Mixed Use


31 Wharf Road
Bolinas, CA 94924
Parcel Number(s):193-061-03


Under Appeal

Project Planner

Michelle Levenson


John Lum Architecture

Project Description

The applicant has modified its previously submitted Coastal Permit, Design Review and Use Permit (originally submitted on June 23, 2020, revised on December 23, 2020 and most recently revised on February 3, 2021). The modified application requests approval to construct a new 10,288-square-foot mixed use development consisting of 8,649 square feet of affordable housing units (a total of 8 units) and 1,639 square feet of commercial area on a vacant lot in Bolinas. The proposed development would result in a floor area ratio of 16.5-percent on the 101,150 square foot lot and would reach a maximum height of 33 feet above surrounding grade. The exterior walls of the proposed development would have the following setbacks: over 100 feet from the rear, north property line; 5.5 feet from the south, front property line; 0 feet from the east side property line; and 9.5 feet from the west side property line. Other site improvements include the construction of 6,934 square feet of on-site, project-related parking. The currently proposed project (as shown on plans received on February 3, 2021) does not propose a domestic water well.

The following approvals are required for the project: (1) Use Permit approval is required because the development proposes multi-residential housing in the C-VCR zoning district (Marin County Interim Zoning Code Section 22.57.123(I); (2) Design Review approval is required because the project proposes new structures on a vacant site in the C-VCR zoning district (Marin County Interim Zoning Code Section 22.82.020(I)); and (3) Coastal Permit approval is required because the project requires Design Review and a Use Permit (Marin County Interim Zoning Code Section 22.42.020(I)).

Zoning: C-VCR (Visitor-serving, commercial, residential)-southern portion of the site; C-RA-B2 (Residential, agricultural)-northern portion of the site
Countywide Plan Designation: C-NC (Neighborhood commercial)-southern portion of the site; C-SF5 (Single family)-northern portion of the site
Community Plan: Bolinas Community Plan