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101 Tiburon Blvd., Mill Valley, CA
Assessor's Parcel 034-141-07


Merits Review

Project Planner

Joshua Bertain


David Ford

Project Description

The applicant requests Sign Review approval to remove and install the following signs at an existing Citibank location in an unincorporated area of Mill Valley:

  • Remove two existing internally illuminated wall-mounted signs and install two internally illuminated wall-mounted signs that would measure 16.67 square feet (33.34 square feet total). The signs would consist of custom, face-lit blue channel letters as well as custom, face-lit red channel arches that would read, “Citibank” and that would be mounted on the existing building façade. One sign would be west facing, and one sign would be south facing.
  • Remove one existing internally illuminated free-standing sign and install one internally illuminated free-standing sign that would measure 28.3 square feet. The faces of the sign cabinet would be painted with a blue gradient background and include white and red letters that would read “Citibank”. The perimeter of the sign cabinet and the supporting signpost would be painted silver.  The sign would be mounted on top of a support post and the sign faces would be generally oriented east and west along Tiburon Boulevard.  

Additional improvements would also be entailed in the proposed project including, the replacement of one business information sign, the replacement of plaque parking signs and post-panel parking signs, the replacement of the existing ATM face to reflect new branding, and the maintenance of two existing awnings.  

Sign Review approval is required pursuant to Section 22.60.020.A.2 of the Marin County Development Code because the project proposes the removal and replacement of two internally illuminated wall-mounted signs and the removal and replacement of one internally illuminated free-standing sign.

Land Use Info
Zoning:  AP (Admin and Professional)
Countywide Plan Designation:  OC (Office Commercial/Mixed Use) and SC (Shopping Commercial)
Community Plan (if applicable):  Strawberry


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Strawberry Design Review Board08/1/22
7:00 PM