Sandusky-Elder Design Review (P3564)

Community Development Agency


Main Component of the Project

Residential Addition/Accessory Structure


280 Richardson Drive, Mill Valley CA
Parcel Number: 043-231-05



Project Planner

Immanuel Bereket
(415) 473-2755


Robert L Sandusky

Project Description

The applicant requests a Design Review approval to construct a retaining wall on a developed lot located in Alto Strawberry area of Mill Valley. The proposed retaining wall would reach a maximum height of nine feet six inches above the surrounding grade and the exterior face of the retaining wall would maintain the following setbacks: zero setback from the southern front property line and encroach into the public rights-of-way by up to ten feet; 23 feet from the eastern side property line; 53 feet from the western side property line; and over 100 feet from the northern property line.

Various other improvements would also be entailed in the proposed development, including the following: (1) convert the existing 448 square-foot garage into a habitable space (2) construct a breeze way connecting the detached garage (proposed to be converted to habitable space) to the main residence; (3) construct a by-right, 558 square-foot garage attached to the main residence within three feet of the front property line; and (4) other improvements including interior remodel, installation of a driveway, new landscaping, and various general site improvements to accommodate the proposed project. The conversion and addition would result in a building area of 3,666 square feet, a floor area of 6,670 square feet, and a floor area ratio (FAR) of 25 percent on the 10,365 square-foot lot.

Design Review approval is required pursuant to Section 22.42.020.B of the Marin County Development Code because the project proposes retaining walls that do not conform to Section 22.20.052 of the Code. Under Marin County Code Section 22.20.090(E)(2), in any zoning district allowing residential uses, where the slope of the one-half of the parcel beginning at the street-access side is 20 percent or more, a parking structure may be built to within three feet of the front and side property lines that abut the adjoining street from which vehicular access is taken. Therefore, the proposed garage meets this exemption from discretionary review process.

Zoning:  R1-B1 (Residential Single Family combined district, 6,000 sq. ft. minimum lot)
Countywide Plan Designation:  SF5 (Single-Family residential, two to four units per acre)
Community Plan:  Strawberry Plan Area


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Design Review Board Meetings

Strawberry Design Review Board05/2/22
7:30 PM

118 E Strawberry Dr., Mill Valley, CA 94941