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This page provides all current and archived documents relevant to the Local Coastal Program (LCP) and the amendment process currently underway.


Activated Certified Update of the LCP (7/13/21)

On July 13, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution 2021-52 placing recently certified Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendments into effect 30 days from the action (August 12, 2021).

Resolution 2021-52 Placing Certified Local Coastal Program Amendments into Effect

The existing certified LCP environmental hazards policies will continue in effect until amended.

Thus, the currently certified Local Coastal Program consists of the following documents:

Newly Certified Documents:
Marin County 2019 Land Use Plan (not including Environmental Hazards)
Marin County 2019 Implementation Plan (not including Environmental Hazards)

Excerpts from 1982 Marin LCP
Marin 2004 Land Use Plan, Unit I (Environmental Hazards only)
Marin 2004 Land Use Plan, Unit II (Environmental Hazards only
Title 22I, Section 22.56.130I (Subsections H, K, and L)

This approach allows newly certified components of Marin’s LCP, including many new and improved policies and code provisions designed to protect natural resources, preserve agricultural uses and clarify permit processes among other benefits, to be put into effect  in combination with environmental hazard policies from the earlier-certified LCP, which would continue to govern those issues.

Comment Letters

The information contained on the Comment Letters page are letters received from agencies, organizations and members of the public relating to the Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA) process.  The page may be reached via the following link:

Amendments 3 and 7 Submittals to California Coastal Commission

Note: The final Amendments 3 and 7 are presented below in combined form for ease of reference, and as the separate Amendments, both in “clean” and “track changes” form. Staff reports can be viewed in the respective dated panels below, while Comment Letters are available in the Panel above.

Board Hearing on Revised LCP Amendments #3 & #7 12/4 and 12/11/18

Planning Commission Hearing LCP Amendment 3, 7 on 10/11/2018

BOS Hearing on Accepting LCP Amendment 4/24/18

Board Workshop on Remaining Non-Hazard LCP Issues 3/20/18

CCC Revised Findings for Nov 2016 LCP Approval 7/14/17

Board Documents Responding to CCC Modifications 5/16/17

Coastal Commission Hearing, November 2016

Planning Commission 9/26/16

Marin County 6/3/2016 Response to CCC Staff Filing Status Letter

Board Documents LCP Amendment Resubmittal - Part 2 - 4/19/2016

Board Documents LCP Amendment Resubmittal - Part 1 - 8/25/2015

Board of Supervisors Adopted Parts of LCPA (August 24, 2015)

Board of Supervisors Hearing Materials

Previously Adopted Documents

Coastal Commission Hearing Documents 2014 & 2015

Existing Certified LCP

Comparisons: Existing LCP vs. Board-Adopted LCP Amendments

Board of Supervisors Hearing Documents 2011-2015

Planning Commission Hearing Documents thru 2/13/12

The PC-Approved LCP Amendments (LCPA)

Hearing Date Documents

Background Documents

California Coastal Commission: Documents & Links