Programs and Policies

Community Development Agency

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The most up-to-date information about housing policies and programs can be found in the Draft 2023-2031 Marin County Housing Element (Section 5).

Both the Housing Element and the Safety Element incorporate a section on goals, programs and policies.

Housing Element: In addition to identifying potential housing sites for development, the Housing Element also includes a section on goals, programs and policies that establish an action plan for the development and preservation of housing and affordable housing. This section must include meaningful actions that affirmatively further fair housing and address historical patterns of housing segregation. See the panel below for more information.

Safety Element: The Safety Element addresses public safety in the face of environmental hazards, especially those from climate change. It incorporates climate change adaptation measures and safety measures for other hazards using a structure of goals, programs and policies that establish an action plan for public safety. See the panel below for more information.

  • April 5, 2022, 6-7:30 PM: Community Workshop - safety programs and policies, Registration link
  • April 19, 2022: Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission - safety programs and policies  


Housing Programs and Policies

Housing programs and policies under consideration include:

A. Increase Availability of Existing Units

  • Short-term rental policy
  • Vacant Home Tax

B. Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) – Tenant Protections

  • Create rent stabilization ordinance
  • Expand the Just Cause for eviction program
  • Create a Tenant Commission
  • Provide First Right of Refusal

C. Special Needs Housing

  • Seniors
    • Promote participation in Home Match Program which helps seniors find a person to rent a room in their home
    • Increase assisted living opportunities
    • Create small-lot/town homes for seniors
  • Farmworkers
    • Develop program for County to work with farm employers to contribute to an affordable housing fund or land trust
    • Develop a set aside of percentage units at new affordable housing developments for farmworkers
  • People With Disabilities
    • Assistance with accessibility improvements
    • Expedited review for reasonable accommodation
    • Incentives for universal design
    • Visitability requirements for multi-family housing
  • People Experiencing Homelessness
    • Provide housing through Project Home Key by converting hotels/motels or other buildings into permanent housing
    • Support rapid re-housing optionsProvide alternative housing types- tiny homes, etc.

D. Programs Aligned with State Law (required by State Law)

  • By-Right Zoning Policy
  • Incentivize Affordable Housing Production- example: Affordable Housing Overlay
  • Streamlining County development timelines

Safety Programs and Policies

Information coming soon.