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Summer 2017 West Marin Adaptation Plan Passport Results Summary

Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) launched the Collaboration Sea Level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) Adaptation Plan Passport.  The objective of this passport was to seek input from community members to inform next steps the County could take to address sea level rise in West Marin.

View Passport Results Summary.

C-SMART Public Review Draft Adaptation Report Workshop Presentation

Two public workshops were held in June, 2017 (6/8 in Point Reyes Station & 6/14 in Stinson Beach).  Workshop topics included the draft Adaptation Report and the Next Steps Passport.

Check out the Workshop Presentation.

Spring 2017 Shrinking Shores Event for World's Ocean Day

Sea level rise could eventually threaten billions of dollars of homes, businesses and infrastructure along our coast, but our iconic beaches could take the first hit as rising waters drown and erode them. On Saturday, June 3rd, we will provide a physical representation of beach loss by staking and flagging the location of future tide lines on Stinson Beach. Our Community Development Staff will be present with information about how the County is planning for sea level rise and reducing our carbon footprint.


Marin hosted a Shrinking Shores event at Stinson Beach on Labor Day 2015 with great success! View photos from that event on our Marin SLR Facebookpage.

If you are a local jurisdiction interested in hosting a Shrinking Shores event, please contact Leslie Lacko at or fill out the participation form here.

Spring 2016 Adaptation Planning

Stakeholder Advisory Committee member Jeff Loomans of Stinson Beach talks about Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART), including the Draft Ocean Coast Vulnerability Assessment, public Adaptation Poll and next steps in planning for sea level rise in West Marin. Listen to the KWMR interview.

View the West Marin Sea Level Rise Adaptation Poll Results


Fall 2015 Adaptation Planning

Over 175 community members participated in the adaptation workshop in Stinson Beach on November 14, 2015. FEMA, California Coastal Commission, Public Works, Utility Managers and other experts presented information about potential adaptation strategies for Marin's ocean coast. Residents explored an open house with community maps of conceptual adaptation strategies and commented on policy concepts for coastal hazard areas. Another 60 people attended a Point Reyes Village Association meeting and for a presentation by Marin County planners on the sea level rise adaptation planning for West Marin on Thursday, December 10, 2015.


Spring 2015 Game of Floods

People play the Game of Floods

Over 60 workshop participants in Point Reyes Station (May 30, 2015) and Stinson Beach (June 6, 2015) learned about sea level rise adaptation, including traditional flood protection measures like levees and seawalls; green infrastructure approaches including horizontal levees, wetland restorations, and beach nourishment; and policy/zoning changes. Catch up on the information shared during the Spring 2015 community workshops:

Fall 2014 Vulnerability Assessment

Three public workshops, each focused on different areas of West Marin’s coast, were held on October 28, 29, and 30 (in Inverness, Stinson Beach, and Tomales respectively) to introduce the potential exposure of people, natural resources, and the built environment to the possible effects of sea level rise over the decades to come. Attendees helped identify assets that could be vulnerable to rising seas and storm surges, and discussed how their communities may be at risk. 

July 10, 2014 Kickoff Meeting

Get the facts about C-SMART and the project scope by viewing the meeting video here.

Meeting materials: