Tomales Bay Feasibility Study

Community Development Agency


WHY? | Sea level rise will increase shoreline flooding and erosion.

Tomales Bay is home to important habitat and beaches that provide valuable ecological and recreational services. Its shoreline supports homes, businesses, and major transportation routes. With increasing water levels and intensifying storm activity, even the early impacts of sea level rise will batter and flood the shoreline, leading to eventual inundation. These impacts will harm our community’s economy.

WHAT? | The Marin County Community Development Agency initiated a living shoreline feasibility study

We know how to build seawalls and revetments, but hard shoreline armoring can have adverse shoreline impacts and is becoming more difficult to permit. The study will assess where living shorelines in Tomales Bay can provide flood and erosion protection from the impacts of incremental rises in sea level, support vibrant recreational opportunities, and help restore a healthy ecological system in the bay.

The study will ultimately develop preliminary designs for two to five pilot projects and provide direction for next steps.

HOW LONG? | The Marin County Community Development Agency initiated a living shoreline feasibility study
In June 2020, six to eight initial opportunity sites for living shoreline projects will be identified. Using evaluation criteria and stakeholder input, two to five sites will be selected to move into the conceptual design phase of the project. The project designs and recommendations for next steps will be completed in August 2021.



The living shoreline study is part of a larger County effort, called C SMART, to assess vulnerability to sea level rise and
develop ways to adapt. Public meetings to gather input and provide information are planned throughout this project.
You can find more informatio n about the Tomales Bay Living Shoreline Study and sign up for notifications at or contact Leslie Lacko at