Housing Element Documents

Community Development Agency


The purpose of the Housing Element is to achieve an adequate supply of decent, safe, and affordable housing for Marin’s workforce, residents, and special needs populations, with a particular focus on the unincorporated areas of the County. The Housing Element assesses housing needs for all income groups and lays out a program to meet these needs. Housing affordability in Marin County and in the Bay Area as a whole has become increasingly important as climate change issues are addressed. The built environment and commute patterns are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. A strategic infill approach that supports affordable housing for members of the workforce at selected mixed-use locations near existing jobs and transit, along with an emphasis on green building and business practices, offers Marin communities a way to carry out the three E’s of sustainability. The overall goal of the Housing Element is to present goals, objectives, policies, and action programs to facilitate housing for existing and future needs.