Woodacre/San Geronimo Flats Wastewater Recycling Project Environmental Impact Report

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The project area encompasses approximately 360 developed properties within the unincorporated communities of Woodacre and San Geronimo within the San Geronimo Valley. The project area also includes local streets, Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, and the San Geronimo Golf Course. The project area drains to Lagunitas Creek and eventually to Tomales Bay, both of which are designated impaired water bodies for pathogens (bacteria) under Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act.

Map of the project location.

Project Planner

Lorene Jackson, Project Manager

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Woodacre San Geronimo Wastewater

Update: The initial EIR began in 2017 but was placed on hold when the golf course property changed ownership. It is anticipated that the EIR will resume in 2019.

Project Description

The project is intended to address water quality concerns related to existing onsite systems in portions of Woodacre and San Geronimo that are old, failing, or not operating at current standards for wastewater treatment and disposal. The proposed wastewater recycling system will include the abandonment of these substandard septic systems and the installation of collector pipelines, which will include pressure sewer lines where gravity collection is not feasible. A lift station will pump wastewater from Woodacre via a 5,300+ foot force main to a new tertiary treatment facility located on the west side of the maintenance yard on the San Geronimo Golf Course. Wastewater from San Geronimo will be collected and pumped to the treatment facility via a network of small diameter pressure sewers. Wastewater will be treated to meet water recycling standards. The treated effluent will be stored in two new storage ponds and used for irrigation on the golf course.

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