North Coast Land Holdings, LLC. Environmental Impact Report

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201 Seminary Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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Environmental Review

The Draft EIR is under preparation and is tentatively scheduled for release for a 60-day public review period around April 2023. Following the release of the Draft EIR and during the public review period, there will be a public hearing at the Planning Commission for staff to present the Draft EIR findings and take comments on the adequacy of the document. Following the close of the Draft EIR comment period, the EIR consultant team, in coordination with staff, will prepare the Final EIR, which will include responses to comments on the Draft EIR. The Final EIR will go back to the Planning Commission, and then to the Board of Supervisors along with the planning entitlement applications for a decision.

Scoping Session Notice and Related Documents from 2021

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Project Description

North Coast Land Holdings, LLC has submitted an application for development on the former Golden Gate Baptist Seminary property on the Strawberry Peninsula in Mill Valley. The proposed project includes construction of a new residential care facility with up to 100 independent and 50 assisted living and memory care apartments for senior citizens and 336 single- and multi-family residential units that would replace a majority of the existing residential housing. Fifty of the proposed residential units would be reserved as below market rate housing. In addition, a pre-school (3,000 square feet) and fitness center (17,000 square feet) that would both be open to the public are proposed, and an existing maintenance building would be replaced. More than 70 percent of the 127-acre campus would be preserved as open space, athletic fields, paths and plazas. No change to the scope of the existing use permit allowing up to a maximum of 1,000 students for higher educational use is being proposed. A 15,800 square foot addition is proposed as part of the renovation of the Administration Building, resulting in a 41,000 square foot building.

Zoning: RMP-2.47 & RMP-2.47-AH, Residential Multiple Planned
Countywide Plan Designation: MF2, Low Density Residential 
Community Plan: Strawberry 

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Board of Supervisors Public Hearing 11/10/20
1:30 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive#328
San Rafael, CA 94903